How To Treat An Ingrown Toenail

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Honest citizens, an ingrown toenail can be the Achilles Heel of any superhero’s, well, foot.

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  • How To Treat An Ingrown Toenail
    Honest citizens, an ingrown toenail can be the Achilles Heel of any superhero’s, well, foot. And no one likes to talk about feet so let me tell you the proper way to deal with this malady. A toenail becomes ingrown when it grows into the skin of the toe, typically your big toe. It becomes painful, red and swells and can sometimes develop into an infection. An ingrown toenail can be caused when you don’t cut your toenails straight across and instead cut them into a rounded shape. It can also stem from wearing tight shoes, so put away those stilettos (they don’t match your superhero cape, anyway). Sometimes it can happen if you drop something heavy on your toe or stub your toe. If your toe becomes infected as a result of your ingrown toenail, you should contact your doctor immediately. An ingrown toenail can turn into a bone infection or a foot ulcer if you’re not careful.

    However, if you only have a minor case of the ingrown toenail, you can treat it at home. Dissolve a little foot bath in warm water and soak your toe three or four times each day. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and take pain reliever as needed. You can lift the edge of the ingrown nail and put cotton or dental floss in between the nail and the skin. Do not become overly ambitious and repeatedly trim your toenail. This will only irritate the area and probably irritate you, as well. If your pain doesn’t subside within three days, this will be a job for your doctor. He may give you an oral antibiotic or recommend nail removal. Just like Mama Private used to tell me: Don’t pick at it! Following that advice will prevent ingrown toenails and other foot problems.

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