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Incontinence is a private subject. Here at we hope to help you answer some important questions about incontinence. We also hope that you will allow us to meet your needs for the right incontinence products delivered exactly where and when you need them.

Living with incontinence made easier: Although most people concentrate on choosing a brand of incontinence pants and pads. Having the right support products can make life much easier.

  • Having a urinal, bed pan, or commode on hand can help the individual take care of themselves and can save the use of pads and briefs.
  • Proper bed protection can keep accidents from ruining the sheets, mattress, or pad. It can also help prevent bed sores.
  • Clean up is much easier with a prepared wipe.
  • Some products are specifically made to neutralize odors.
  • Preparation is important as well. By staying one step ahead of accidents the care giver can relax more and the receiver will be less upset.