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ID Juicy Lube - Wild Cherry

ID Juicy Lube - Wild Cherry
ID Juicy Lube - Wild Cherry
ID Juicy Lube - Wild Cherry   
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I-D Juicy Lube is the world's best selling flavored lubricant. It tastes great, is harmless if ingested, is non-staining, and is water based so it can be used with any type of condom.

Flavored lubricants are fun because lube make sex more enjoyable and flavored lube makes all kinds of sex possible. Many couples enjoy using flavored lubricant and ID Juicy Lube is one of the best tasting lubricants on the market. Trust us, here at we actually conducted a taste-test of a bunch of different lubricants. After it was done, we had a stomach ache and a new understanding of which lubes tasted good. ID Juicy Lube was one of the ones that tasted good. It is naturally flavored, water-based and vegan.

Click the small picture to read the package labels for each of the flavors we sell.

Strawberry kiwi is the most popular flavor. All of the single flavor bottles are 4.1 fl. oz. They are in airless pump bottles which can be easily pumped in any position.

If you find your I-D Juicy Lube drying out after a while, add a little bit of water or saliva. It will perk right back up.

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