Treating Bunions

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Treating Bunions

Did you know Mr. Private wears orthotics in his pointy shoes to treat his bunions?

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  • How To Treat A Bunion
    A bunion is a bump on the outside of your big toe. Symptoms include pain, inflammation and redness, burning and sometimes numbness. You may also get calluses, sores or an ingrown toenail. Bunions actually indicate a change in the bone structure of your foot, meaning your big toe is leaning toward your second toe. Bunions are typically inherited through your parents’ genes, but they are made worse by wearing tight shoes.

    In terms of diagnosis, bunions are hard to miss. However, a doctor can use his x-ray vision to assess your specific condition. The pain can be eased in several ways, including changing your footwear, using a padded cushion to protect the bunion, taking medications, icing your feet, undergoing injection therapy or using Orthotics. Sometimes, surgery is needed to correct the foot. Or, you could always buy a cape and fly around like me. It really takes a load off your feet.

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