Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Tips

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Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Tips

Wonder what women like about Christian Grey? He's got mad boning skills. Read on to learn how to take her, the way she's been reading about.

  • How to have sex like Christian Grey
  • How to seduce her
  • How to Bone Like Christian Grey
    Well, it is officially impossible to escape the hub-bub for Fifty Shades of Grey. The books, and now the slow onslaught of movies—this train is going to be around for the next three years, so you might as well hop on. Your woman in your life has probably read and reread all the books by now, and just might be quivering in anticipation for the movie release.

    What does this have to do with you, you ask? Well, we think you should use Fifty Shades of Grey to your advantage. What's the advantage here, my friend? More sex. Freaky sex. We're here to help you hack the Christian Grey code.

    Women love Christian Grey because he's rich direct, confident, and powerful. It doesn't hurt that he's toned, hot and constantly smoldering. Women love the way Christian Grey treats Anastasia Steele—even though he's a bad-boy weirdo with sadist tendencies, he manages to worship Anastasia when they are together. He gives her all his attention, and focuses on her pleasure. She never leaves a sexual encounter without an orgasm or five. He uses BDSM to overload Anastasia's senses, so she doesn't have the capacity to think about anything else.

    In fact, this is one of the reasons women enjoy BDSM. Women, as you may know, are multi-taskers. They often have ten things on their minds at once. This works perfectly for child-rearing and working, but not as well during sex. During sex, women have a harder time clearing their minds completely, and focusing on pleasure. Where as men can keep their focus on, "Oh my god, this feels so good," women's thoughts are more like, "That feels good ... How does my stomach look? Did I mail out the water bill? ... That doesn't feel as good, what is he doing? Oh, that feels good ... I have to remember to look up the paleo diet. I hear that works great. Oh, that feels good, keep doing that." And so on.

    The techniques Christian employs in Fifty Shades of Grey keep Ana on her toes, always thinking about what sex act will come next. The uncertainty, and giving up control, means she obsesses over what might happen. During sex, he keeps her in the moment, focused on pleasure or anticipating pain. He uses the element of surprise, and intense sensation, to keep her present, wanting him, and ready for more. This is the key to good sex for women.

    So, you're good now, right? You know exactly how to please your woman? Oh, wait, you're just more confused? Alright then. Read on for tips and tricks on recreating the kind of sex Christian Grey and Ana Steele have in Fifty Shades of Grey.

    • Initiate foreplay ... starting days before you have sex.

      That's right, sir, you've been doing foreplay all wrong. Women are like crockpots ... desire builds from a slow simmer. Text her something romantic or dirty, or something simple: "I want you." Or: "Your ass looks amazing in those pants." If you're not a texter, you can call, or simply whisper these things as you hold her close before work. Give her some time to get excitement going.

      As for foreplay in bed, get in touch with your animal instincts. Rub your body against hers. Pin her wrists to the bed as you kiss her. Trace the inside of her arms with your fingertips, kiss her breasts, and slowly move south. The key to making her feel worshipped is attention, and enthusiasm. You want to please her. After all, it will make her want you more.

    • Spank with finesse.

      Spanking is an art. If you whack your girl too hard, you're sure to have an argument. If you smack her softly, she's not going to immerse in sensation, and she might think you're being wimpy. Above all, be confident in your technique. Tell her what you are doing, don't ask. "I am going to spank you now." As you spank, tell her she's being a good girl ... or a bad girl. Some squirming to get away is normal, but if she starts to move frantically or desperately, let her go. It's ideal to have a safe word, even if you're just playing. It's the best way to avoid arguments or misunderstandings.

    • Don't be afraid of sex toys.

      Christian Grey uses sex toys to his advantage. If you're intimidated by sex toys, don't be. They can never replace the experience of having sex with a real-live human. What sex can do is enhance the sexual experience, especially for women. If you introduce sex toys, you get to feel power over her pleasure ... and she will crave the pleasurable sex you're having.

      Try ben-wa balls (they add sensation inside the vagina during spanking, or when walking around) or a crop.

    • Watch some James Deen porn.

      Seriously. We know you don't usually look up male actors, but give it a shot. James Deen is the first porn star that women consistently love. Watch him in scenes, whether vanilla or BDSM-flavored. He focuses intently on the woman he is with, and orders her around effortlessly. He constantly tells women how hot they are and how good they feel... by whispering in their ears as they have sex. James Deen is a short, scrawny guy—but women can't get enough of him. He's the Christian Grey of porno.

    Mr. Grey constantly tells Ana: "We aim to please." And he does. Make that your top sexual tenant, and you'll be pleasing your woman like Christian Grey in no time.

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