All About Hemorrhoids

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All About Hemorrhoids

Have hemorrhoids become your arch-enemy? Let Mister Private teach you to take care of them.

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    Watch out behind you! Hemorrhoids occur when veins around the anus are swollen and inflamed. There are two types of hemorrhoids: Internal, which are inside of the anus; and external, which are outside. Symptoms of hemorrhoids include bleeding from the rectum or bloody stool that lasts several days. Some hemorrhoids include painful swelling or a lump. This lump is actually a blood clot called a protruding hemorrhoid.

    You will need a doctor to properly diagnose this medical condition, who will give you a rectal exam. Your doctor will examine the anus and rectum in search of swollen blood vessels and will also administer a digital rectal exam.

    Don't fear—hemorrhoids are fairly common in citizens these days. Half of the human population has hemorrhoids by age 50. Straining when you go to the bathroom typically causes hemorrhoids. Pregnancy, heredity, aging, chronic constipation and diarrhea are also factors.

    Hemorrhoids can be treated with warm tub baths several times a week and the application of a hemorrhoidal cream or spray. Fire in the Hole Spray is a good one. More serious cases might require surgical procedures like a rubber band ligation, when a rubber band cuts off circulation to the hemorrhoid; sclerotherapy, when a chemical solution shrinks the hemorrhoid; infrared coagulation, when a special device burns the tissue; or a hemorrhoidectomy, which is the removal of severe hemorrhoids.

    Like all evil, hemorrhoids can be prevented. You should add fiber (found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains) to your diet. You can also take a stool-softening supplement to prevent straining. We carry a device that you insert in your rectum (crazy, but true!) that helps strengthen and tone your anal sphincter muscles as well. Simple exercise, like walking, is always beneficial.

    A Butt Plug That Treats Hemorrhoids
    A Butt Plug That Treats Hemorrhoids

  • Peristal Hemorrhoid Treatment Device
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  • Fire In The Hole Anal Itch Spray
    Fire In The Hole Anal Itch Spray

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    Hemorrhoid Cushion - Foam
    Hemorrhoid Cushion - Foam

  • Hemorrhoid Cushion
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