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Hair Removal Advice For Men's Chest and Back Hair

Hair Removal Tips For The Chest & Back

The big decision—should you trim or go completely bare? If you're thinking it's time to go all the way, a depilatory or wax is probably best. Shaving is also an option, but a tough one to execute, especially on your back (see the Razorba, below, for an ingenious method for shaving your own back).

Depilatories: Nair and other depilatories are excellent for the chest and back because these areas usually aren't too sensitive. We should warn you that these products are so strong that they actually dissolve your hair. We strongly recommend that you test depilatories on a small patch of skin first. Depilatories keep you smooth for 7-10 days. If you don't patch test these products first, the resulting rash will last about two days.

Waxes:Waxing is when a warm or cold gooey substance is spread on your skin. Next a strip of muslin (cotton) is placed tightly against the gooey stuff. Then someone (maybe even you) RRIIIPPPSSS the muslin ..and the goo ...and your hair off (but hopefully none of your skin). We're not gonna lie to you, there is pain involved. You can imagine how much. The pain can be reduced if your follow the directions properly. Waxing lasts 4-6 weeks so it might be worth the pain.

Shaving: Shaving only lasts for a day or two. If you're comfortable with it, you can have a partner shave the areas you can't reach. Trying to shave your own back will just make you sore and frustrated. If you prefer the ease of shaving, try the Razorba, which will allow you to reach your own back. The main benefit of shaving is that you already own everything you need.

Women, do you have hairs on your chest or stomach? There are two issues unique to women. For fine hairs on your stomach or chest you might want to try a hair bleach (like Jolen). This will lighten the hairs. For hairs around the nipple (which are actually quite common), try plucking, preferably after a shower or bath.