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How To Remove Facial Hair

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See the tips below to achieve your best, cleanest appearance. The showcased products are perfect for all kinds of hair removal—for face, ears, nose and below the belt.

Hair Removal Tips For Men—Head & Face
Need help getting a great shave? Opinions vary on what works best but everyone will agree that a warm, moist beard makes the process much easier. Think about the hot, steamy towel a barber uses. Shaving just after a shower has the same effect. The heat and soap soften your coarse facial hair and help to open your pores. Use a sharp razor and a shaving cream that protects against nicks and shaving bumps. Rinse your face very well afterward.

Does you have one eyebrow when you should have two? Most men aren't born with a perfect brow. You can start with a good pair of tweezers and separate yours into two equal portions. As far as shaping goes: be careful, and try studying a magazine to get an understanding of different shapes. Don't overpluck because these hairs may never come back. Advanced browkeepers can shape further by combing the eyebrows up and toward the temple, then using scissors to trim long brow hairs (not too short or it looks strange).

Does your beard make you look like a hippie? An electric beard trimmer is a must. To get a good perspective of your sideburns, you'll want to invest in a three-way mirror, like those you find on some medicine cabinets. Electric beard trimmers are great even for those without beards. You can trim your sideburns, get rid of the growth on your neck, and can even take the trimmers down a little lower to please your lover.

Are you ready to tackle a jungle of nose hairs? You might want to purchase an electric nose hair clipper. Plucking nose hairs not only makes you wince and tear up, but it can give you an infection that will be hard to explain. A nose hair trimmer works on stray ear hairs as well, and gives you a younger, cleaner look.