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Hair Removal Tips For Women - Face

Are your eyebrows more Brooke Shields than Audrey Hepburn ? Most women aren't born with a perfect brow. Every good woman deserves a good pair of tweezers. As far as shaping goes, be careful, study a magazine for different shapes. Don't over-pluck because these hairs may never come back. A savvy woman might go to a salon and have them shape her brow then follow up on her own.

Is bleaching right for me? Not if your hair is very dark and your skin is very light (the resulting color just won't mix). Lighter hair can be made almost invisible by a good bleach. Darker hair can be made to blend into a dark complexion very well.

Are facial depilatories OK? We should warn you that these products are so strong that they dissolve hair (that's the point). You really, really should test out some on a patch of skin first because some people develop quite a rash. Depilatories last about 7-10 days.

Is facial waxing right for me?: Waxing and sugaring are simpler than they sound. They are also a lot less luxurious than they are promised to be. Waxing is compatible with any area of the face. Here is how it works: A warm or cold gooey substance is spread on your skin. Next a strip of muslin (cotton) is placed into the gooey stuff. Then someone (maybe even you) RRIIIPPPSSS the muslin and the goo and your hair off. There is pain involved. You can judge how much. The pain is reduced if your follow the directions. It lasts 4-6 weeks so it might be worth the pain.

Warning: If you are using Retin-A or Renova your skin will be too sensitive for waxing. Watch the temperature of any hot wax.

Are electrolysis or laser better alternatives? Laser and electrolysis are similar in that they are semi-permanent (more than one visit is likely to be required). You will have to judge for yourself if they are worth it. If you want to get rid of only a few, stray hairs and you don't mind the up-front expense you might want to consider them. Larger areas (like sideburns) should go with waxing.

Shaving? Leave the face shaving (and the stubble) for the guys to wrestle with.