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Golden Girl Anal Jelly

Golden Girl Anal Jelly
Golden Girl Anal Jelly
Golden Girl Anal Jelly   Golden Girl Anal Jelly   Golden Girl Anal Jelly   
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  • Golden Girl Anal Jelly
  • Not condom safe
  • 2 ounces
  • Golden Girl Anal Jelly is a petroleum based lubricant that works well for anal sex. Buy anal lube discreetly when you shop at

    Dorothy. Rose. Sophia. Blanche. All those years of being your friend, traveling down the road and back again ... and I never knew your deep dark secret. I mean, it really wasn't a secret, was it? I was just plain naive. It's all right there in your theme song. When you guys threw parties, invited everyone you knew? Now it's obvious what you were doing. You were throwing anal gang bangs. Oh my god. I feel so dirty.

    How do I know what you Golden Girls were really doing at these parties? Well. I just happened to run across the huge stash of Golden Girl Anal Jelly in your pantry. Yeah. Bam. I found it. You can't hide it anymore. I mean, you could try to tell me it's not yours, but your NAME is on it. The package says this Anal Jelly effectively lubricates, and there's a big picture of a butt, so I know what's up. I'm going to need a minute to process this, girls. I'm not so sure you're all my true pals and confidants.

    The Golden Girl Anal Jelly is a petroleum-based jelly that's only good for anal sex. We don't recommend petroleum based products for vaginal sex or sex toys. Petroleum jelly also degrades condoms, so, please, Sophia, you harlot, only use the Golden Girl Anal Jelly in a monogamous relationship.

    2 oz/ 56 g

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