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FresHim Deodorant for His Groin

FresHim - Deodorant for Your Dong
FresHim - Deodorant for Your Dong
FresHim - Deodorant for Your Dong   
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  • FresHim Male Deodorant
  • Intimate deodorant
  • Apply to the head of your penis
  • FresHim is the first deodorant we've seen that's made specifically for your dong. Get this weird product at, where we never add you to any email lists.

    Is your wang feeling not so fresh? Uh, yeah, probably. That is, after all, the nature of the wang. We cover our dongs in all sorts of layers of polyester, and then expect them not to smell like aged cheddar. With FresHim Dong Deodorant, you can cover up that musty smell and maybe even trick a woman into thinking you're clean.

    FresHim is a unique deodorant that goes right on your dick. In fact, the directions say: Pull the foreskin back and spray FresHim on the penis. If you don't have a foreskin, you'll spray it directly on your glans.

    Colorless FresHim smells like a mixture of baby powder and cologne. It's not a bad scent, and it's strong enough that the makers of FresHim claim you can get by on two applications per day. The liquid absorbs into your skin and leaves no greasy or drying residue.

    The Verdict: FresHim is a good way to freshen up after the shower, before a date or during a long day. It's a tiny bottle that will fit in your pocket or an overnight bag, making for easy use on the go.

    25 ml.

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