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Deodorize Intimate Areas with Fresher

Fresher - Deodorant for Your Lady Bits
Fresher - Deodorant for Your Lady Bits
Fresher - Deodorant for Your Lady Bits   
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  • FresHer Intimate Deodorant
  • For your naughty bits
  • With vitamins and aloe vera
  • Freshen your vajayjay with FresHer, an intimate deodorant that lasts all day. Get FresHer Intimate Deodorant at, where we bill and ship discreetly.

    Worked long hours today with no time to shower? Feeling saucy after a workout or hookup? About to head out to a hot date? These are just a few of the reasons you might pick up a bottle of Fresher Intimate Deodorant.

    But we all know the REAL reason for feminine deodorant. That's right: it's so you can go from bed to bed without smelling like you've been ... hopping from bed to bed. Look. Sometimes a girl's gotta get some strange. And sometimes you're just plain over-scheduled. If you rather Brian not know just where you were earlier today (rolling around under the covers with Javier), do a quick rinse in the bathroom after you tussle, and spray on a spritz of FresHer. There! It's like instant purity.

    FresHer Intimate Deodorant directions: "Spray the liquid powerful on the vagina. For external use only." Oh my gosh. Where do I even start making fun of that?

    Fresher Intimate Deodorant is made to last. You should only need one spray every 12 hours. It has a baby powder scent and is formulated with aloe vera and vitamins.

    25 ml.

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