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Our First Bondage Kit

Our First Bondage Kit
Our First Bondage Kit
Our First Bondage Kit    Our First Bondage Kit    Our First Bondage Kit    Our First Bondage Kit    
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  • Our First Bondage kit
  • Explore light bondage with your lover
  • Handcuffs, ankle cuffs and a blindfold
  • The Our First Bondage kit is a silky, seductive restraint kit that will make the night sizzle. Buy this starter's bondage kit in complete privacy at

    Curious about the whole bondage thing but not quite prepared for leather whips and ball gags? Get ready for your own PG-rated “Story of O” with the Flirt “Our First Bondage Kit.” It’s so cute and harmless that you’ll hardly notice the semi-shocking things your partner is saying as he or she has his/her way with you/you. Things like, “I said take it! All of it!” and “Try and get away now, sex slave! No, don’t try too hard, because this velcro isn't exactly stainless steel.”

    The kit includes:
    * A comfortable blindfold
    * 4 soft cuffs with extensions that allow you to velcro wrists and ankles to the bedposts.

    We are big fans of the Sex & Mischief line of products. Traditional bondage items are often dangerous and packaged in a demeaning manner. Here at we like to offer you every sexual opportunity. The S&M line of products allows us to do so without endangering anyone.

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