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Electric Firming Facial Massager

Firming Facial Massager
Firming Facial Massager
Firming Facial Massager   Firming Facial Massager   Firming Facial Massager   
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  • Firming Facial Massager
  • Vibrates and transmits ions
  • Use with lotion
  • The Firming Facial Massager claims to balance and firm skin. Find this unique product at, where we bill & ship discreetly.

    With the Firming Facial Massager, beauty is in your hand. Or so the packaging says. When I think of beauty in my hand, I think of holding a colorful flower or maybe even a pebble that's washed up from the beach. What I don't think of is a taser-like device that emits electricity into my skin, all to make it firmer and smoother. But hey, beauty is subjective, right?

    Do what you can to make yourself more beautiful with the Firming Facial Massager. This roller-style massager emits positive and negative ions, along with vibrations, to firm and tone your skin. You can use this massager on your face, neck, and all over your body in the fight against sagging and aging.

    The science? From what we can tell, ions are supposed to stimulate the skin, promoting circulation and metabolism, making the skin healthier. Wrinkles and lines are erased as the skin relaxes from massage. Wait, is this science? We're just telling you what the insert says.

    We don't think the Facial Firming Massager will work, but what do we know? For such a low price, you may as well give it a shot. Just make sure to use it with lots of lotion, as it stings a bit on bare skin.

    Takes 2 AAA batteries.

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