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A Condom You Control - Female Condoms

3 Female Condoms - Feels Better Than Male Condoms
3 Female Condoms - Feels Better Than Male Condoms
3 Female Condoms - Feels Better Than Male Condoms   
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  • FC2 Female Condoms
  • Made from nitrile
  • Protects pregnancy and STIs
  • Empower yourself with the Female Condoms. These condoms protect against pregnancy and STIs. Get them from, where we ship in plain brown boxes. Your statement will read "PriveCo."

    Here at, we love FC2 female condoms. These condoms allow you to take the power into your own hands, and protect yourself from STDs and pregnancy. Our testers (men and women) think that these feel better than regular condoms, as they are larger and move easier, allowing for more friction.

    The female condoms are large and soft; they fit inside your vagina, and cover some of your labia as well. Your partner will be able to see and feel the condom, but it shouldn't interfere at all with pleasure. The female condom is fairly easy to insert, almost like inserting a NuvaRing. Complete instructions can be found inside the box.

    When you use the female condom perfectly, you only have a 5% chance of becoming pregnant or contracting an STI, compared to the male condom's 2% chance. Typical use brings that chance up to 21%, while a male condom is at 15%. Make sure to use the condom properly to give you the most protection.

    3 female condoms.

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