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Fellas Flavored Crotch Wipes

Fellas Flavored Crotch Wipes - 8
Fellas Flavored Crotch Wipes - 8
Fellas Flavored Crotch Wipes - 8   
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  • Fellas Cleansing Wipes
  • Freshen your manatomy
  • Flavored
  • Give your dick that extra wow factor when you use Fellas Cleansing Wipes. These flavored wipes are available at, your discreet shopping spot.

    Stay so fresh and so clean with the Fellas Cleansing Wipes. These discreet wet wipes are individually wrapped and slip right into your pocket for freshness on the go.

    We like the Fellas Cleansing Wipes because we like clean crotch. Who doesn't? After a night out with a new lady, you might need to freshen up before anything goes down. And the Fellas Cleansing Wipes make sure your crotch makes a great first impression.

    The Fellas Wipes are not only pH balanced—they're flavored. Clean up and turn your penis into a lollipop your lover can't resist, at the same time.

    8 Fellas Manatomy Wipes.

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