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A Gel That Burns Fat and Cellulite

Fat Burning Goop
Fat Burning Goop
Fat Burning Goop   Fat Burning Goop   Fat Burning Goop   
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  • Fat Burning Goop
  • A body slimming gel
  • 85 mL
  • The Fat Burning Goop seems like it might help with cellulite or body firming. Get this unique product from, where we bill and ship with discretion.

    What better way to melt off fat than with a Fat Burning Goop made from hot peppers? Hot peppers always seem to melt the taste buds off of your tongue; it makes sense that rubbing their extracts on your body would burn the fat right off of you. I mean, that's logical ... right?

    The Fat Burning Goop's packaging is mostly in Chinese, so we only understand that it's hot, it slims your body, it's made out of peppers, and you massage it into your arms, legs and abdomen much like you would a similar product like Nivea Goodbye Cellulite.

    I gave the product a quick test run at the office, expecting a burning sensation, but the goo smells pleasant and rubs right in.

    85 mL.

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