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Electric Breast Enlarger

Breast Enlarger - Zap Your Way to Bigger Boobs
Breast Enlarger - Zap Your Way to Bigger Boobs
Breast Enlarger - Zap Your Way to Bigger Boobs   Breast Enlarger - Zap Your Way to Bigger Boobs   
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  • Electric Breast Enhancer
  • Uses electrical impulses to contract muscles
  • Takes 2 AAA batteries
  • The Breast Enhancer claims to firm and shape your breasts with electrical currents. Get this interesting product at, where we ship discreetly.

    The Electric Breast Enhancer is a system you can use to feel like you're making your breasts bigger, or less floppy, like the box says. Chances are, the breast enhancer won't work, but why stop believing? You've heard about the power of positive thinking. You could use the Breast Enhancer, and hope really, really hard for better boobs, and BAM! Your boobs might get bigger.

    The Electric Breast Enhancer uses electrical impulses to stimulate your muscles to contract. It consists of a little machine, wires, sticky pads that stick on your breasts, and soft plastic half circles that go in your bra. We're not sure what these half-circles do, but they're shaped like breasts, so maybe they attempt to lift your boobs. Anyway, when you place both sticky pads on your skin, once they are connected to the machine, you can use the on button to send electrical currents to your breasts. And it feels ... interesting. On the lowest setting, it's like a small tap. A little higher, and you might feel like a squirrel is punching you in the chest. I didn't go any higher than that.

    The electrical impulses definitely feel interesting and might even be stimulating for some women. They cause your muscles to contract, so you might get some toning underneath your breasts, causing them to appear a little larger or feel firmer. The Electric Breast Enlarger is recommended for women with flat breasts, floppy breasts and soft breasts.

    Comes with 2 AAA batteries.

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