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At Home Drug Test - Marijuana

At Home Drug Test - Marijuana - Expose your teens' lies
At Home Drug Test - Marijuana - Expose your teens' lies
At Home Drug Test - Marijuana - Expose your teens' lies   At Home Drug Test - Marijuana - Expose your teens' lies   
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  • 99.9% accuracy
  • Kit contains collection cup, mailing box, drug test device
  • Purchase price includes cost of laboratory testing, if necessary
  • Confidential, anonymous results
  • This single-use kit tests for the presence of marijuana byproducts in urine with 99.9% accuracy. Preliminary test results are available in a few minutes, and a sample can be sent to a test lab for additional testing.

    Do you have a good relationship with your teenagers? Do they confide in you, and ask for your advice? If so, you are an obvious pushover for those lying punks. According to a study published in Look magazine, all teens smoke pot. Prove that you know what they are up to by forcing them to pee in a cup. They may have learned it from you but that doesn’t mean you’ll let them get away with it.

    This test claims 99.9% accuracy in a two-step process that will end those trusting, pointless conversations with your teen. First, obtain the urine sample, using the kit's tips (tape shut the medicine cabinet, put blue liquid in the toilet, and turn off the sink water so he can't dilute the sample). When he's done, check the temperature strip on the side of the cup to make sure he hasn't slipped you some of his younger brother's clean pee he keeps in a pouch strapped to his leg.

    Next, dip the preliminary test strip into the sample. Within minutes you will have proof you need. If you get a negative result, try convincing him to relax and live it up a little. Then send another sample to a test lab using the pre-addressed package included in the kit. Now you've got him!

    Each kit can be used only once, so stock up!

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