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Divine 9 Personal Lubricant

Divine 9 Lube - Protects You From Irritation
Divine 9 Lube - Protects You From Irritation
Divine 9 Lube - Protects You From Irritation   
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  • Divine 9 Personal Lubricant
  • A natural lube
  • Made with carageenan
  • Divine 9 is a natural personal lubricant that gives pleasure and protection. Get this unique product at, where we never email you or add you to any list.

    When we say Divine 9 protects you from irritation, we mean skin irritation. We do not mean mental irritation. You could slather Divine 9 on before a rush hour commute, but it's not going to do much for you, besides make you slide all over your seat. Which might be ... irritating.

    There is something to Divine 9, as we are always sold out of the stuff. Women especially seem to like this natural, soothing lubricant.

    We're not sure why Divine 9 is called Divine 9, but we think it might be good for nine different types of sex. It is anyone's guess which sex acts these are, but we think the list probably looks something like this:

    1. Vaginal Sex
    2. Anal Sex
    3. Bagpiping
    4. Sensual Massage
    5. The Crusty Monkey
    6. Sex Pigeon
    7. Solo Penile Pumping
    8. Masturbation
    9. Stretching the Skinflute

    Divine 9 Personal Lubricant is a lube that's made from very few ingredients: purified water, carrageenan (sea algae extract), propylene glycol, saccharin and citric acid. This personal lubricant was formulated for a slippery yet intimate touch provides an intense skin-on-skin sensation.

    We haven't tired Divine 9 yet, but people seem to like it because it is non-staining, fragrance-free, glycerin-free and latex safe. Carrageenan is thought to protect and moisturize the skin. Some women like this lube because it is thought to reduce the chances of irritation and vaginal infections.

    Recently, the National Cancer Institute conducted and published two lab studies that showed Divine 9 was highly effective in blocking HPV. It does not claim to block HPV, but they are working on studies that may prove that.

    Divine 9 Water-Based Personal Lubricant. 4 oz/ 118 ml.

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