Making Teeth Whiter and Brighter

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Making Teeth Whiter and Brighter

Teeth yellow as you get older, and they can also get stained by tobacco, wine, coffee or tea. Read on to learn how you can whiten your teeth.

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  • My Teeth Are Getting Yellow or Stained.
    Do you have yellow or discolored teeth? Teeth yellow as you get older, and they can also get stained by tobacco, wine, coffee or tea. If you don't have the best oral hygiene regimen, stains can look much worse. Consuming too much tetracycline can also darken your teeth over time.

    To whiten your teeth, make sure you brush and floss at least twice a day. Flossing is incredibly important and not only helps to get rid of stains between your teeth, but can even add years to your life! You can also use a daily whitening rinse, which uses hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and bleach stains on your teeth. Many people find that using whitening strips gives them a cleaner, brighter smile for up to one year after use.

    Seeing a dental hygienist for a cleaning isn't too expensive and makes your teeth look much better. You should see a dentist twice a year for cleanings and to make sure you have healthy teeth and gums. Dentists can also administer chair-side whitening treatments that don't take long and keep your teeth whiter for about three years.

    It's important to note that if you have white spots on your teeth, whitening bleach is generally not effective. These spots are caused by nutrition, genetics, or an excessive intake of fluoride. Usually you'll have to opt for a more expensive treatment to get rid of these spots. Bonding, veneers and fluoride treatment are options you can discuss with your dentist.

    If your teeth are still yellow or spotted and you have the money to spend, see your dentist for crowns of veneers. Veneers can cost upward of $1000, but they last at least 10 years and give your teeth that ultra-white, movie star look.

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