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Get Rid of Dandruff

Mister Private knows that your superhero cape won't have the same effect if it's covered with flakes.

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    Dandruff is a chronic scalp disorder that is marked by itchy flaking of the scalp. Most people will notice flakes on their clothing around the shoulders. The cause of dandruff can be as simple as dry skin, but it can also be indicative of seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, or contact dermatitis, so you might want to ask a doctor. You could also get dry scalp from using hair-loss prevention treatment like Rogaine or Minoxidil. The good news is that using special shampoos can control dandruff. There is a wide selection available over-the-counter.

    Leave the shampoo on your head for at least five minutes. Use it each day until your dandruff is controlled, and then use it two or three times each week. If you think the shampoo is becoming less effective, try a different shampoo with a different active ingredient. Together, we can fight this menace!

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