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Zonite Concentrated Douche

Concentrated Douche Mix - Zonite
Concentrated Douche Mix - Zonite
Concentrated Douche Mix - Zonite   Concentrated Douche Mix - Zonite   Concentrated Douche Mix - Zonite   Concentrated Douche Mix - Zonite   
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  • A liquid douche concentrate
  • Cleanses, refreshes and deodorizes
  • Gentle and easy to mix
  • Zonite Concentrated Liquid Douche cleanses, revitalizes and deodorizes, leaving you feeling fresh and clean. Have ship this hard-to-find douche to your door in the most discreet plain packaging.

    Zonite Concentrated Douche mix is a perfect item for the Internet shopper. Sure, ordering things on the Internet is convenient and (in our case) very private but you have to pay for shipping.

    The shipping cost of some products you normally purchase would be outrageous. A case of bottled water that costs $10 could easily cost $20 to ship to your house. Water is just too heavy to ship.

    That is exactly why a concentrated douche mix makes sense. You combine Zonite with water once you receive it. This bottle contains 12 oz. of douche concentrate. This is enough mix to make approximately 12 quarts of douche.

    Zonite concentrated douche mix is a very economical way to buy your feminine cleansing products.

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