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System Jo Light Clit Gel

JO Clitoral Gel: Light
JO Clitoral Gel: Light
JO Clitoral Gel: Light   JO Clitoral Gel: Light   JO Clitoral Gel: Light   
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  • System Jo Clitoral Stimulation Gel
  • Light formula
  • pH balanced
  • System Jo Clitoral Stimulation Gel promotes sexual sensitivity in women. Don't want to buy it at a store? Purchase System Jo at, and we'll ship it to your door in plain, unmarked packaging.

    System Jo Clitoral Stimulation Gel is safe for use with condoms, rinses away with water, was tested for effectiveness, and is pH balanced and hormone free. System Jo clitoral stimulation gel is an all natural solution created to promote sexual sensitivity in women. This is the Light formulation, which is the mildest version System JO makes. There are Light, Mild, Wild and Atomic formulas.

    Directions: Moisten the clitoral area with System Jo clitoral gel. Apply a small amount and gently massage it in. A warm, tingling sensation will begin to take effect in around 5-7 minutes. After the initial application, the effects can last up to 45 minutes and can be reapplied.

    Our analysis: Like other clitoral stimulation gels, this one contains a small amount of peppermint. Some other gels are not condom compatible, but this one is. If System Jo actually lasts for 45 minutes, it's definitely worth it.

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