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CharcoCaps Fart Pills

CharcoCaps Absorb Farts at the Source
CharcoCaps Absorb Farts at the Source
CharcoCaps Absorb Farts at the Source   CharcoCaps Absorb Farts at the Source   
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  • Charcocaps
  • Relieve gas naturally with activated charcoal
  • Bottle contains 100 capsules, which is 50 doses
  • CharcoCaps absorb odors to make your flatulence scent-free. Have ship CharcoCaps directly to you in plain, unmarked packaging.

    Everyone knows that activated charcoal absorbs odors. It is used in filters of all kinds because it really works. But what if you swallowed two capsules containing activated charcoal? Would they actually absorb the flatulence forming in your stomach and colon? Sure they would, according to the CharcoCaps label. Find out for yourself. As long as you don't take more than 16 capsules per day, it won't hurt you. However, as you might imagine, some stool darkening can be expected.

    100 capsules, 260 mg each.

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