Calluses and Corns

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Calluses and Corns

Because he leaps so many buildings in a single bound, Mr. Private can't have any calluses or corns.

  • What are calluses? What are corns?
  • How to cure a callus or corn
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  • How To Remove A Callus or Corn
    A callus is a toughened and thick area of skin that has been exposed to repeated contact or pressure. Calluses aren’t harmful but can lead to infection. They are typically located on the hands (as a result of activities like weight lifting or playing a string instrument) and on the feet (as a consequence of tight shoes). Calluses vary in size and they can be painful.

    A corn is a special type of callus that forms in areas with thinner skin. Corns are called corns because that’s what they look like under a microscope. Even if they are surgically removed, the skin can still grow back as a corn. Mister Private recommends using a corn and callus remover kit to get rid of these nasty buggers. Freezone and Dr. Scholl’s both offer a liquid solution with salicylic acid, which shrinks the callus. After using it once or twice a day for two weeks, your callus will disappear.

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