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Remove Your Back Hair Yourself with the Brazilian Back Kit

Brazilian Back - Remove Your Back Hair Easily
Brazilian Back - Remove Your Back Hair Easily
Brazilian Back - Remove Your Back Hair Easily   Brazilian Back - Remove Your Back Hair Easily   
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  • Brazilian Back
  • A depilatory system for back hair
  • Designed by men for men
  • Brazilian Back uses an easy, innovative and effective system to safely remove your back hair. Get it, where we bill and ship with total discretion.

    Back hair. It's an embarrassing thing that is hard to remove all by your lonesome. How are you supposed to reach the middle of your back? The last thing you want is to end up with Hair Island floating between your shoulder blades.

    Brazilian Back is a system that allows men to remove their own back hair, without assistance. It is a depilatory cream, which is a cream that dissolves your hair, leaving your skin hair-free. But the unique part of Brazilian Back is the application system. It features a garment that fits over your back, ensuring that you cover your entire back with depilatory cream. You simply apply Brazilian Back cream to the garment first. Then you press the garment onto your back, and leave it on for 6 - 8 minutes. Use the garment to slough off the remaining hair and cream, and jump in the shower.

    Brazilian Back lasts longer than shaving and is moisturizing too. Use it before a big date or vacation, to stay smooth and hair free.

    7 oz. (198 grams) of Brazilian Back, with application garment.

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