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Bootiful Butt Enhancement Cream

Bootiful - Butt Enhancement Cream
Bootiful - Butt Enhancement Cream
Bootiful - Butt Enhancement Cream   Bootiful - Butt Enhancement Cream   
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  • Bootiful
  • Butt enhancement cream
  • Claims to make your butt bigger
  • Bootiful Butt Enhancement Cream is a cream that's supposed to make your butt bigger. Get this unique product at, where we never email you or add you to any lists.

    So, you want a bigger butt? Rub Bootiful on it! Or, you could, I don't know, eat a bunch of donuts and hot dogs like the rest of us real Americans. Seriously, if you're one of the few people out there lamenting your small booty, you could probably come up with more fun ways to get a bigger behind than rubbing this cream on your bum. Go to a buffet! You owe it those of us who have to watch calories, lest our butts grow to epic proportions.

    Bootiful Butt Enhancement Cream is a lotion you rub on your butt to make it bigger. Does it work? We're guessing it doesn't. But hey, make the most out of it. Make someone else rub this cream on your butt. We're guessing pretty much anyone with a penis would do that for you.

    Bootiful's manufacturers say Bootiful works like this:

    • Niacinamide boosts skin cell production, for plumper buttocks.
    • It fights cellulite and wrinkles. (Butt wrinkles are the worst!)
    • It helps the skin retain moisture and fatty acids.
    • It tingles when applied so you know itís working! (Everything that tingles works! It's science!)

    Get your dream butt with Bootiful. What, you don't have a dream butt? Get on that shit.

    2 fl. oz./ 60 ml.

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