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The Secret Agent Game - Make Love Like a Super Spy

The Secret Agent Game - Make Love Like a Super Spy
The Secret Agent Game - Make Love Like a Super Spy
The Secret Agent Game - Make Love Like a Super Spy   The Secret Agent Game - Make Love Like a Super Spy   
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  • The Secret Agent Game for Lovers
  • Spend a night satisfying your deepest desires
  • From premium french company Bijoux Indiscrets
  • The Secret Agent Game is a battle for lovers that ends in sexy fulfillment. Have ship the Secret Agent Kit directly to you in plain, unmarked packaging.

    Turn off the lights and power down your phone. This set from Bijoux Indiscrest deserves your full attention.

    Bijoux Indiscrest presents Agent Secret. The goal of this erotic game is to unlock your lover's deepest fantasies.

    Use the weaponry provided to tease and trick your lover into surrendering to their hidden desires. When this tense dance comes to its unpredictable climax, you will feel closer than ever before.

    The Agent Secret kit contains a satin pouch for each agent. Each pouch is filled with an arsenal of erotic tools. The set includes a turkey feather tickler, a combination padlock, satin handcuffs, a blindfold and a disposable vibrating penis ring. Agent 001 must conceal his or her secret fantasy, using the included card and combination lock. Agent 002 must then uncover the secret using the weapons of torture at his or her disposal: the tickler, blindfold, handcuffs and vibrating ring.

    Bijoux Indiscrets is a Barcelonean company that designs luxurious erotic products made for the art of seduction. With burlesque accoutrements, Bijoux helps you and your lover to create erotic dreams and fantasies.

    Bijoux uses the power of the five senses to enhance your boudoir: In each premium set, you'll find an etouffee of soft, supple textures; aphrodisiac-laced scents; smooth, sexy beats; lickable gourmet treats; and accessories that help you to create tantalizing visuals.

    Each Bijoux kit features finely crafted sensuous products that will make you feel heavenly and devilish—simultaneously.

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