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Ben-Wa Balls from Fifty Shades of Grey

Hey, Fifty Shades of Grey Fans! Get Your Ben Wa Balls Here
Hey, Fifty Shades of Grey Fans! Get Your Ben Wa Balls Here
Hey, Fifty Shades of Grey Fans! Get Your Ben Wa Balls Here    
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  • Ben Wa Balls
  • From Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Come with a discreet case
  • The Ben Wa Balls will have you screaming Christian Grey's name in no time, much to your lover's chagrin. Get them at, where we ship everything discreetly.

    So, have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? Obviously, if you're a woman between the age of 20 and 65, the answer is yes. Fifty Shades of Grey is the sensational book that has brought strange sex toys to the forefront of every housewife's mind. We know your head used to be filled with ho-hum thoughts like, "When the hell do the kids have basketball practice?" and "How do I get skid mark stains out of my husband's underwear?" We also know that since you've read Fifty Shades, you've moved on to torrid thoughts like, "What the hell are ben-wa balls?" and "How do I use a butt plug?" We're here to help!

    For years, has sold Ben Wa Balls. Women like Ben Wa Balls because they feel good and tone the pelvic floor muscles. These kegel exercisers can be worn discreetly, without anyone knowing. Well, except for the dominant man who makes you suck on them before he inserts them in your—how would E L James say this?—sex.

    Unfortunately, spankings are not included with this set of Ben Wa Balls, but just ask any guy on the street, and we're sure he would be happy to oblige.

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