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Glass Ben-Wa Balls

Glass Ben-Wa Balls - A Nicer, Larger Set
Glass Ben-Wa Balls - A Nicer, Larger Set
Glass Ben-Wa Balls - A Nicer, Larger Set   Glass Ben-Wa Balls - A Nicer, Larger Set   
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  • Ben-Wa Balls
  • A nice glass set
  • 1.25 inch diameter
  • These Glass Ben-Wa Balls are a little larger than the original ben-wa balls, resulting in more sensation. Get them at, where we ship in plain brown paper boxes.

    We like the Glass Ben-Wa Balls for two reasons: they are larger than other ben-wa balls, for more sensation; and they are glass. A lot of the ben-wa balls out there are very cheaply made, from crappy metals. These glass ben-wa balls are made from body-safe borosilicate glass.

    The Glass Ben-Wa Balls have a larger diameter than other ben-wa balls. Classic ben-wa balls are very small, and have a diameter of just over a half inch. These ben-wa balls have a 1.25 inch diameter. That means you'll feel the balls inside you more, during Kegel exercise and during more pleasurable activities.

    Kegel balls are easy to insert and remove. Use lube to insert the ben-wa balls. To remove, simply bear down, as if you are trying to have a bowel movement.

    Two ben-wa balls, with storage pouch.

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    This Lube Feels Like a Finger Moving Inside You. Really.
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