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Bad Teacher Spanking Ruler

Bad Teacher Ruler - For Spankings
Bad Teacher Ruler - For Spankings
Bad Teacher Ruler - For Spankings   Bad Teacher Ruler - For Spankings   Bad Teacher Ruler - For Spankings   
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  • Bad Teacher Ruler
  • Measures and delivers spankings
  • A spanker ruler
  • The Bad Teacher Ruler is a spanker. Get this paddle at, where we never email or contact you after your purchase is complete.

    Up until now, you've probably thought rulers were kind of boring and useless. Who needs a ruler when tape measures exist? Those things are like rulers multiplied by 15. Here's the thing about a tape measure, though: you can't smack the hell out of an ass with a tape measure.

    Enter the ruler. Maybe you went to a Catholic school and had your knuckles struck by the nuns. Maybe you had a crush on Catherine from math class and couldn't get enough of her cute schoolgirl skirt. Whatever your perverted angle, the Bad Teacher ruler is a prop for your fantasy. Bend over your favorite student or let some lucky schoolmarm give you a good spanking.

    The Bad Teacher Ruler wasn't made for measuring inches; it was made for delivering countless spankings. Actually, we're pretty sure it's just a ruler, which you probably have at home. If not, is a good place to buy one. We carry all kinds of weird sex toys so you don't have to suffer the embarrassment of buying them in the store.

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