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Attends Breathable Briefs - M - 96

Attends Breathable Briefs - M - 96
Attends Breathable Briefs - M - 96
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  • Attends Briefs
  • Size Medium
  • 96 count
  • Attends Briefs are breathable and adjustable. Get these adult diapers at a deep discount at

    • Contains additional super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for more absorbency than our value tier breathable briefs

    • Triple-tier moisture locking system (cellulous fibers, microporous acquisition layer, super absorbent polymer) for exponential improvements in absorbency while promoting skin health and managing odor

    Feature a soft inner lining for comfort, along with breathable side panels and adjustable Flex-Tabs for the best fit. is offering a clearance on all adult diapers while they last. We used to sell a large selection of Attends and Depend, but due to the nature of the product and shipping costs, we have chosen to stop selling adult diapers. We are offering all our diapers and adult underwear at a discount until we clear out our warehouse.

    Size Medium. 96 count.


    Be sure to fully open the brief. Fold the brief in half lengthwise and place between legs with the inner liner up against the skin and the tape tabs at the back. Align the top of the wetness indicator with the userís coccyx. Pull the front of the brief up between the residentís legs, with the pad snug against the perineum. Smooth side panels across userís hips. The front/back of the brief should be even at the waist. Gently move excess skin while positioning leg gathers into the natural crease of the groin. Fasten the bottom tape tabs first, angling them upward. Next apply the top tape tabs angling them downward. This technique provides a more comfortable and secure fit.

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