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A Clear Anal Dilator Set

A Set of Clear Glass Anal Dilators
A Set of Clear Glass Anal Dilators
A Set of Clear Glass Anal Dilators   A Set of Clear Glass Anal Dilators   
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  • A Clear Anal Dilator Set
  • Three premium butt plugs
  • Transparent smooth glass
  • The Clear Anal Dilator Set is for those who like to really see what they are doing. Get these premium butt plugs from, where we never add you to any lists.

    Are you interested in seeing all the action? Like, ALL THE ACTION? Are you the type of person who likes everything spelled out for them? Do you like transparency in all that you do? Do you like gaping buttholes?

    That line of reasoning made sense, right? Well, even if it sort of didn't, here are the Crystal Butt Plugs. These anal dilators come from a company whose motto is "Art is Pleasure." They appreciate the artistry of a butt plug that allows you to see the pink insides of someone's butt as you plug it. Hey, as they say, art is in the eye of the beholder.

    These clear butt plugs come in three sizes: small, medium and large.

    Small: 3.31 inches long; 1 inch diameter.
    Medium: 3.3 inches long; 1.23 inch diameter.
    Large: 3.2 inches long; 1.5 inch diameter.

    This is actually a nice set of butt plugs, in terms of quality and graduated sizes. They are expensive because of their premium materials and good design. They all have flared bases for ease of use, and they are very smooth for comfort. You can heat them up or cool them down with water. The Crystal Butt Plugs are easily cleaned with soap and water, or a quick boil in water.

    Set includes three anal dilators and one luxurious padded storage pouch.

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