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101 Advanced Sexual Positions for Lovers DVD

101 Advanced Sexual Positions for Lovers DVD
101 Advanced Sexual Positions for Lovers DVD
101 Advanced Sexual Positions for Lovers DVD   
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  • The 101 Advanced Sexual Positions for Lovers DVD
  • Includes positions of the Kama Sutra
  • Shows you how to use accessories like the Liberator and the Tantra Chair
Have incredible orgasms when you try out the new tricks you learn from the 101 Advanced Sexual Positions DVD. Buy the 101 Advanced Sexual Positions DVD from and your credit card statement will simply read: "PriveCo Inc."

You've mastered Beginning sexual positions for lovers. Conquered Novice sexual positions for lovers. Maybe you've even perfected Intermediate sexual positions for lovers. But are you sure you're ready to move up to the big leagues, to Advanced sexual positions for lovers?

With this DVD, you will be. The most potent fusion of pornography and education since the "schoolgirl" craze, this DVD is an explicit guide featuring over 100 positions for lovers looking to spice up their sex life. Whether you identify more with Deuce Bigelow, Male Gigolo or The 40 Year Old Virgin, this DVD is guaranteed to show you something you've never seen before. Which you can show your ladyfriend, who is also guaranteed to have never seen it before. Combine that with its information about foreplay, massage, sex toys, and devices that ease the physical exertion of prolonged sex (such as wedge pillows, sex swings, and tantra chairs), and in no time your partner will be convinced that you're The Love Guru. Of course, we don't recommend being so duplicitous as to watch this alone so you can pass off these ancient secret techniques as your own. It is "For Lovers," after all, and watching it together with your partner can be an intimate and fruitful experience for both of you.

This video is part of the Loving Sex series, from Alexander Institute. It is approximately 120 minutes long and features tips from Dr. Patti Briton, extensive sexuality information, and full length bonus scenes.

101 Advanced Sexual Positions for Lovers is in English. It has English and Dutch subtitles and English, French, Spanish and German audio and menu options.

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